Today I have a scheduled session with the therapist.  It will be my first time officially meeting her.  We scheduled a session specifically with me arriving so that time will not be wasted with Megan resisting a switch or even co-consciousness.  We do not have the kind of time for that and then to only be able to force our way to the front with approximately 10 minutes remaining in the session.  It is unreasonable to expect any headway to be made in that fashion.

I have not been out nearly as much as I used to be, and even I am unsure as to the reason why.

It feels good to wear jewelry, a dress, and heels again.  First impressions matter.

I will be bringing the system journal with me so that I can write any notes from the session, especially if they need to be passed on to anyone in the system.  It feels like a proactive step.




About healandsurvive

27 years old with an Associates Degree in social sciences. Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, OCD, anxiety. I also have been diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines and my everyday balance has taken a big hit, and I am basically off-balance and some level of dizzy 98% of the time. I enjoy painting, writing, acting, singing, reading, collaging, journaling; basically anything creative.
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