I have been in a sate of fight or flight for a day and a half now, all because of a medical test.

Yes, it has to do with the foot and the ear.  Let’s keep it simple.

  1. Podiatrist prescribes a short corticosteroid regimen for my foot issue which I begin taking the 1st of this month.
  2. On the second day, I have severe vertigo that leaves me screaming on the floor and scared out of my mind.
  3. For a week after that, I am basically rendered useless and bedridden – can’t even look at words in a book, watch TV, walk around, or even pee without someone outside the door.
  4. An appointment is made with the ENT.  He does the usual tests, we think it’s the foot med doing something weird, so I stop taking it.  He then prescribes an anti-nausea /motion sickness medication to take.  He recommends a VNG test in 2 weeks and a follow-up with him after that unless things have gone back to normal.
  5. Some forms of dizziness remain, so I keep the appointments.  The VNG test gets rescheduled for a day earlier.
  6. Yesterday I decide to google just what the heck a VNG test is, and I am horrified – putting someone who is already dizzy through a 2 hour test to try to make them dizzy?  I also found out that for 48 hours before the test, you should avoid a whole list of things, but of the ones that apply to me: caffeine (I had had coffee that morning) and my Klonopin (sorry, but with all the non-ear related issues I have, the Klonopin is non-negotiable), and no eating 3 hours before the test because you might throw up from it (I’m diabetic).  The only reason I found out about these things to prep for the test is because I googled it.  No one ever told me these things, and no one even so much as said hey it’s on our site so read it to prep for what you should and shouldn’t do 48 hours before the dizzy machine of death.
  7. I then learn their machine is broken and I may not have the test, they’ll call in the morning and let us know.  So I go to bed completely tensed up.
  8. This morning they say the machine has been fixed. Then the woman performing the test calls and says yes it works, however extra precautions need to be taken to make sure accurate readings are gotten since the machine is like fragile or whatever.  Then it is decided that this test is probably not going to work for me – a claustrophobic, anxiety-riddled girl.  Putting on goggles that make everything dark and then trying to make me dizzy for about 2 hours?  No.
  9. So tomorrow I see the regular ENT and I’ll be like, hey what are my other options?

I cannot stand dizziness.  I will not willingly subject myself to it (and again, originally I didn’t know the aim of this test was to make the person dizzy – because no one explained anything about it!).  I have been trying to avoid feelings of dizziness ever since I first had Electroconvulsive therapy when I was 18.  I did not fall asleep like most people do.  I got very dizzy and would thrash around on the stretcher, screaming “help me, oh god please, I’m going to die, I’m falling off the edge of the Earth” and stuff like that, and it would take what felt like forever for me to go under.  Now, I understand redheads require more anesthetic than others, so that may have had something to do with it, because I had the same reaction when I had ECT at a different hospital at the age of 22.

So basically, I was all keyed up because I equate dizziness to death (or at least just blackness à la ECT).


About healandsurvive

27 years old with an Associates Degree in social sciences. Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, OCD, anxiety. I also have been diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines and my everyday balance has taken a big hit, and I am basically off-balance and some level of dizzy 98% of the time. I enjoy painting, writing, acting, singing, reading, collaging, journaling; basically anything creative.
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